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Transforming Lung Care in the Age of Intelligence


Like a fingerprint, each lung is unique.  The LungPrint family of products, starting with LungPrint Discovery, aims to reveal each patient’s unique lung profile in a manner that is clinically meaningful and efficient, helping VIDA deliver on its mission to transform lung care through information and intelligence.

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VIDA|vision® pulmonary suite

Software and analysis services that aid in the early detection, evaluation, and treatment planning of lung diseases, including lung cancer, emphysema, airway obstructive diseases, and asthma.

Woman with emphysema.

Our Mission

VIDA’s mission is simple: elevate pulmonary care by empowering physicians with advanced Quantitative CT (QCT) analysis.

Unlike legacy diagnosis and treatment planning methods, VIDA provides localized, measurable, and repeatable information cost-effectively. VIDA|vision, our patient-centric pulmonary suite, spans all major lung diseases and stages of the care cycle. It is offered through a unique service model leveraging the quality of image-analysis services (Precision Services) with the convenience of on-site interactive software, with the goals of providing your team:

Better Care Decisions

Lower Healthcare Costs

Improved Communication

"LungPrint will empower radiologists to provide a richer set of quantitative CT lung information with a state-of-the-art CT report for the referring physician. The new airway display is remarkable."

Dr. John Newell Professor of Radiology at the University of Iowa

"VIDA's solution is more than necessary for me to treat a pulmonary valve patient. With VIDA, it is much safer for the patient as well."

Hugo Goulart de Oliveira, MD, PhD Rio Grande do Su, Brazil

"VIDA|vision is simple and easy to use. It was easy to find the lesion, easy to navigate the solution, and even easier to save time and money. VIDA saves me close to $1,200 per procedure and at over 150 procedures a year, upwards of over $150k in annual savings."

Boris Murillo, MD Waco, TX

"The interventional pulmonology field is advancing with the emergence of both novel therapies for patients with emphysema and the essential analytics to accurately match the patient to the therapy for greater response."

Dr. Felix Herth, MD, PhD, FCCP, FERS Heidelberg, Germany

"With VIDA|vision (Airway Mapping) there is less trial and error and more confidence in location."

Ales Rozman, MD, PhD Golnik, Slovenia

"What I like about your system is that it got us to the lesion without interfering in our normal workflow."

Alexander Chen, MD St. Louis, MO

"VIDA|vision was able to identify an airway I could not identify on pre-procedure PACS review alone. That, combined with the intra-procedural guidance that the software provided, allowed us to finally identify the target lesion. We would not have found the lesion without it."

David Hsia, MD Los Angeles, CA

"VIDA|vision (Airway Mapping) guided me through 3 generations of sub-segmental bronchi."

Ales Rozman, MD, PhD Golnik, Slovenia

What is Quantitative Computed Tomography (QCT)?

VIDA’s advanced software and ISO 13485 certified Precision Services use chest CT scans to provide care teams with precise, repeatable and objective information that often go beyond what is traditionally available with legacy methods. Unlike spirometry and visual CT interpretation, VIDA’s QCT analysis provides:

Precision icon.


Understand lung health at the sub-lobar level

Repeatability icon.


Reduce variability in disease assessment

Quantification icon.


Eliminate subjectivity and estimates

Why Quantitative Computed Tomography (QCT)? Because precision therapy requires precision information.

  • Greater anatomical precision enables highly localized treatments
  • Repeatability allows for reliable benchmarking in disease monitoring
  • Objectivity provides confidence in making critical treatment decisions
  • High sensitivity of QCT may detect disease earlier than legacy techniques1, allowing for earlier intervention and higher quality of life

1 – Woodruff et al., Clinical Significance of Symptoms in Smokers with Preserved Pulmonary Function, NEJM, 2016

Clinical Trial Services

In additional to clinical software and services, VIDA provides image analysis services for academic and industry clinical trials.

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