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COPD and Asthma Assessment

COPD affects an estimated 30 million individuals in the U.S.1, with over half having symptoms that go undiagnosed. Lung function tests alone may not be sensitive enough to detect symptomatic patients2. With VIDA’s advanced Quantitative CT (QCT) analysis, assessment of COPD and Asthma can be supplemented with sensitive precision metrics to aid care decisions and improve patient communication.

COPD Asthma report image.

Use VIDA’s COPD & Asthma report for:

  • Early detection: Supplement normal spirometry results with VIDA QCT to potentially reveal early-stage COPD.
  • Communication: Use clear images and metrics with patients to more easily communicate disease and discuss treatment options, including smoking cessation.
  • Quantitative Response Assessment: Track patient progress quantitatively to assess disease progression and treatment response.

Key Benefits

  • Increase ROI of lung cancer screening programs by getting more information out of scans.
  • Improve patient communication and satisfaction by using report visuals and metrics.
  • Expand marketability of your pulmonary program.

Key Data Included

  • Lung Density as measured by Low Attenuation (LAA)
  • Air Trapping (with inspiratory/expiratory pairs)
  • Disease heterogeneity between lobes
  • Regional and global volumes (air, tissue, vessel)
  • Visualization of disease clustering
  • Airway length
  • Airway luminal diameters
  • Airway wall thickness
  • Pi10 measure

1 – COPD Foundation, 2017 2 – Woodruff et al, Clinical Significant of Symptoms in Smokers with Preserved Pulmonary Function, NEJM, 2016