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Empowering Radiology with Lung Intelligence

LungPrintTM Discovery is a fully-automated AI-powered analysis of a chest CT scan, providing quantified lung physiology and functional tissue.     

It provides validated quantitative CT information along with novel airway visualizations to increase the efficiency, quality, and precision in reporting lung CT abnormalities.

Key Features of LungPrint Discovery
  • Clinically validated biomarkers
  • Integrated into radiology workflow
  • Lobar-level precision
  • Fully automated quantification
  • Light and dark layouts
  • Scan suitability quality check
  • Hyperion View (patent-pending)
    Hyper-efficient airway visualization
  • Low density tissue analysis
  • High density tissue analysis
  • Trachea analysis
  • LungPrint is part of the VIDA|vision® Suite and clinically available in US, EU, Australia & Canada